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Well, this has been some week! One of those that can really drive you to your knees–in prayer. It can also, if you are bi-polar, knock you into a depressive episode. I am in more of a funk then a big depressive episode. Stinks though! It started out with Jack having another flair up with his foot. Then we got a call Monday about Tina. She had just been placed in a wonderful assisted living for mentally challenged folks about 50 miles from us. We were worried about her because she said she was homesick and missed going to church with us. Well she ended up swallowing some batteries and this time they had to cut her open to remove them. So she is back in a lockdown facility and what happens now is anyone’s guess. Then we got word about a friend passing away and the very next day we learned a lady I knew as a child had passed away also. Then today Jack’s cousin let him know that his estranged mother’s husband had passed away. He was not a nice person and we neither one liked the way he treated people, but we hated to see it happen to his mom. At least Jack did call her and is going to try to stay in touch.
Now onto stitching. Jack is doing more quilt squares in yellow this time.
I am working on my angel again. Not a lot done but I am gonna tackle that moon big time!
Doesn’t this look like fun?
I was blessed with some awards and I am long overdo in saying thank you and showing them to you. This one is from Nancie and I can not thank her enough! I am passing it on to the following bloggers:
A kiwi stitching

Contemplating my needle & thread

Sharon’s cross stitch obsession

Teeny tiny cabin
And this I received from Terry. I am passing it on to the following folks:
A home away from home

Connie’s thoughts

Covered by grace

Double nickel farm

Penless Writer

HsKubes haven at home
Have a blessed Sunday.


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Lots to share

Here is Jack’s snow folks. He is nearly done with the cross stitching part. It is just too cute and I love it!

I am working again on my Ruth project. Forgot to take a picture silly me! i will share it with you on Monday and I promise to have lots done on it.

I was blessed by two awards this week by one person.

This award originated at XANDRA’S BLOG and here’s her description of the blog award:
So here’s to all the blogs that you’ve discovered that you can’t possibly live without. They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected every time you read a post. They give you a thrill as you see them loading into your browser and you get an equally satisfying thrill when you see that they have commented on your blog.”

I was so honored to receive these awards from Angela. She is such a sweetheart and her blog is a treasure to me. I will be passing on at least one of these awards a week or so down the road.
Lastly, I will be doing something different starting next week. See the little button in my sidebar? Right there, the one that says “dogs on Thursday”? You can click and go there and read all the great posts on different furkids every Thursday. i will be doing one for Katie with all the funny antics of the past week. So that is enough for me for now. See you soon and God bless you!

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LOL! Funny title isn’t it? I started a new project last night.
Here he is! Isn’t he cute? I am going to make it into a wreath though. Plan on using real buttons for his shirt and overalls and a few other little embellishments.
Funtime Heart is done! Yippee!!!! Don’t care to do another, at least not with ALL mettalic threads. Like to drove me crazier than I am all ready!
Nearly done with my sampler as well. I didn’t crop the picture this time so you get an idea of how big a piece it is. It is a struggle to get it all to show up in one picture!
Found a doilly I had done sometime. Cute little thing! See what happens when you clean out something? Find all kind of surprises! I found more yarn and thread too. Just what I needed! LOL! I think I may be addicted to yarn and thread!

Now for the best part! Kathleen gave me this precious award! I will be passing it on to Susan at Penless Writer, Susie at Susie’s place, Groovy!, Greg at Shy guy Ramblings, and Becky at Becky Bee’s

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The spirit of Christmas award

This is for all those loving people who always have a kind word, a loving thought and care about others. So I am awarding the following people:
Morning Glory
Please visit here to get the proper code and pass on this award to others. And thank you Angela for thinking of me! I could easily have put all the blogs I read as you are all great! Some don’t really want these awards as they are very humble folks so I tried to respect that. Please know that if I read your blog, you are deserving of this award also and I love you!

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Smile award

This was given to me by Angela. I am so grateful to her for it and sorry I took so long to thank her. Now I want to pass it on to those who make me smile! Once again I am cheating. There are just so many of you who bring a smile to my face. So if you read this, you are a dear friend to me and consider yourself awarded! Huggles!

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Here are my choices for the nice matters award! Hope I haven’t picked anyone who has won already! Now for you to go and pick out some people you think deserve it!

Angela-Life and times of gran
Mary-Mary’s little craft corner
Michelle-By the Grace of God
Connie-Connie’s Thoughts
Susan-Penless writer
Kathleen-the open window
Dawn-Call me grandma Dawn
Amy Deanne-160 acres wood
Tina-Stitching, school and stuff

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Tammy has so honored me and I feel so blessed by it! She gave me this lovely award! Tammy is a sweet and special person! Pop by and visit her blog and I know you will enjoy it! Twice this week ladies I think of as friends have done wonderful things for me! Connie picked a bunch of us and her husband Jim carved our names in wood. It is really awesome. You really need to visit Connie’s blog if you haven’t already! What wonderful posts she writes and what a sweet lady! Now I have to pick 8 people and do something fun with their names. Been thinking about it and think I have come up with a way to do it now I just have to figure out who to do it for! LOL! So watch out, it may be you! Hee, hee! Thank you two for your love and friendship! And thanks to all of the folks I visit on here and who visit me. You are my family by choice and each of you are special to me. I enjoy sharing my humble life with you and I love being allowed to be a part of yours! Now be watching later today! The blogiversary post will be going up and you can see some of what you could recieve!

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