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Here it is nearly done from this afternoon. I didn’t know if I would finish it today with the headache I had. But I just did finish a few minutes ago.
I plan on pulling out Lavender & Lace’s blue Moon Angel and finishing her. And I have decided to do the Rainbow Bridge project. The first 2 comments I got suggested that one, And then on dog town Friday night they were talking about the rainbow bridge after they lost a dog. I figured I had put off doing it long enough. Time to buckle down, put the sad thoughts of our Bubba and Mr. Max aside and go for it. I might still shed some tears but that is okay.
Here are our plants in their pots.  First the two on the north side of our little patio.  I still can not remember what they are.
The petunias ended up on the south end of the patio with the little men, the hens and chicks and the tomato.
Of course the ornamental pepper ended up on the front porch with the bell flower.
So there is ll the news that is fit to print. God bless and talk to or visit you soon.


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I am plugging along on this and have the moon and surrounding areas done and I am now working on the veggies on that same side on the bottom.
Jack is a very sneaky fellow! We went to Ehler’s for a couple things. Well instead of going home we ended up at my favorite greenhouse. He told me to pick out some flowers for my remaining pots as an anniversary present to me. What a guy! He picked out a couple petunias which we both love. I got an ornamental pepper plant and I can not remember what the other two are. But I really like them.
The next two pics are at the state capital by the grand staircase. Those are brass bears our hands are on.


So that is all for now.  I will be visiting with you soon.  God bless.

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Jack is back to stitching after a long break. Here is the progress on his kitty so far.
And here is my progress on my piece. I am working on the area with the moon. I really don’t have a whole lot to go!
Thought I would share a picture of our bell flower. He lives on the front porch and I thought the rain drops were lovely on him.

So be blessed everyone and have a wonderful week.

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I have gathered some seeds from my morning glories. If you would like a few just e mail me at doxiemom96@yahoo.com. I will be happy to send some your way with instructions and other pertinent info. They will look like the morning glory in the picture below.

Thought you would like to see what the finished kitchen cabinets look like. Also you can see the white we chose for trim and doors. It is a nice crisp white with grey undertones. Just the kind of white we like!
Now we are working on the second bedroom that we use for our computer and hobby room. The walls will be the same green as in the hall. I am afraid it doesn’t show up real well. I love the color but when it is wet and you are painting with it it is not real pretty! It looks more like a chartreuse and almost hurts your eyes to work with. But once it dries it is a very soft and nice green.
Is this not funny? I made breakfast for supper the other night and one of the yolks broke. When I plated it up it looked to me like the eggs where sticking out it’s tongue! So I added ketchup nose and eyes! LOL!
Okay finally I will show you our stitching. I have been working on the moon and the rows of blue seem to be one hundred miles long! But it beats doing one stitching and tieing off! That I hate!
Jack is working on the large center rose on his quilt squares. I like the green he picked out to go with the yellow. I can not wait to make pillows out of them!

So be blessed and i send you loving huggles!

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Jack and I both love old cars! The last time we were at Wal-Mart this one was in the parking lot.
Here is a close up of one of our morning glories. These were already here when we moved here last year. I don’t think any of the ones I planted came up. My own fault as I forgot to nick the seeds and soak them for 24 hours! DUH!
Here is the wire where they live on the side of the car port. I can not wait for them to cover it more and have even more blooms. This fall, Jack is putting up new wire for them and we will add more colors of morning glories, add some moonflowers and other vines. I hope to buy some corkscrew flower vines. those are so cool!
Been crocheting a few squares for the quilt! Thought it would be fun to throw them all on the floor! Well, it was but the picking them up wasn’t nearly as much fun.
Here too is Blue Moon Angel. Not a lot of progress on her but some. My allergy eyes have been kicking up a bit. Not so good for cross stitching!
Well folks, as of the end of June we have had 39.50 inches of rain for the year. That is before the storm we had at one a.m. Saturday morning. Keep in mind that for our area normally we get 45 inches of rain for the entire year! However the ones who have really been dealt a hard blow and major flooding are of course in Iowa and Missouri where it is next to the Mississippi. So please pray for those folks and any others affected by all the rain and other disasters.

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Aren’t these pretty? Jack got them for me to brighten up the front porch. I can not for the life of me think of the name of them right now. Brain freeze i guess.
Here is Jack’s little cherry tomato just going to town. It has nearly 20 tomatoes on it in various sizes. Poor Jack can hardly wait for them to ripen! My morning glories are growing like weeds. just racing each other up the wire on the carport to see who gets to the top first! I will share a picture as soon as it starts blooming.
And as promised, here is a picture of my fabric made into a curtain. Jack was a big help when it came to cutting. Folding 6 yards of fabric by ones self is not easy! Once it was cut in half that made things so much easier. I was going to cut it in half again to make to separate panels but decided on one. With the high up windows, they will never be pulled open so why not one panel for more light control? I am very fussy about how dark my room is and light getting in. Even the light on the radio bugs me if it is not turned just right. We have a little fan we sometimes use in the bedroom and I even cover up the switches on it because the light in them bugs me. And also when I hung the curtain on the window to mark for length, I kinda liked it a bit longer than the window. So I just turned it up and called it good! I finished the other curtain today and now they are being washed to remove wrinkles and then they will be hung.
So that is my exciting time here. I am sorry I haven’t posted as much as I usually do. Jack has been having a bad flair up of the pain and swelling in his legs again. He has been miserable quite a few days. Today he feels a lot better with just a little pain. So God bless until next time!

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Jack and Katie being silly!

This is Katie and I at the Alice in Wonderland statue by the library in Carthage
Here is Jack and I cut poor Katie off! LOL!
A wonderful old barn behind our motel. I can imagine when it was new what an awesome barn it was!
Roses at our favorite chinese restaurant in Joplin. Joplin is only about 10 miles from Carthage.
And water lillies too!

This is the Carthage courthouse. They say only the arch in St. Louis is photographed more in the state. Let me tell you it is huge and impressive. There is a great mural inside and an antique, working elevator! We didn’t have a chance to go inside.

Giant praying hands in Webb City which is on the way to Joplin. They are huge!

Look at little Miss Bug sporting her new halter and a toy she picked out all by herself!
So that is the first part of the pictures. Next time I will share some pictures of some glorious homes including Marlin Perkins birthplace! Plenty more to come and a little history lesson to and something funny that happened.

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