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I love small town living where it isn’t unusual to see horses ridden down the street or tied to your neighbors porch.
And here is progress on my stitching. Those french knots on the corn about drove me silly. Someone said it looked like there is a lot of backstitching and there is. I don’t much like so much but oh well. And I was asked what I will do with my Ruth piece. Well, I plan on framing it and hanging it with the wedding piece I have.
So there ya go and I do have one favor to ask my readers. Please join me in praise to God. You see it took nearly 4 months but He made a way and Jack and I closed on our house Tuesday. We have one other minor detail to take care of and it will be done. So God bless you all!


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This weekend was our yearly city picnic. Thought I would share some pictures and what goes on around here. Lots of people come into town just for this! It was 127 years for the picnic! Looking north on Main Street.
This is looking south on Main Street from our churches parking lot.
I kinda think this ride looks fun!
Here are what goes on:
Frog jumping contest, tennis shoe toss and sidewalk chalk art. Then a balloon toss followed by concerts by local and regional acts. In the evening they have the rides and such going. Plus our Municipal band, last years talent winner and the talent contest.
Turtle races, hula hoop contest, water balloon toss and concerts. In the evening the rides open, our Municipal band, concert by a regional artist and a magic act.
A run to benefit St. Judes hospital,greased pig contest, baby contest, golf cart race, lip sync contest and concerts by various artists. Rides in the evening, music from the Municipal band, nite life and picnic committee introduction and drawing.
So there ya have it! Our good old fashioned picnic! Good to see it come every year but I am also glad to get back to things being a bit less busy with the extra folks in town.

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What a weekend

It was both a sad and happy time for the citizens of El Do. We had a fire Tuesday downtown. This building was vacant when it caught fire. The building to the right was not an housed H&R Block. They were able to salvage computers and papers and such. That building will have to come down also. My Aunt and Uncle at one time had an Otasco store in there and I spent a lot of time there. This was in the early 1970’s. It also housed a restaurant in the 2000’s called The Great Missouri Chicken. Jack and I ate there a lot and we even had lunch there with my late father. Lots of memories and it made me teary eyed with all the memories it stirred up.

On a happy note! The opera house is finished! They had an open house the 6th. We forgot and so didn’t attend. Shoot! Here is a website if you want to see more and read about the remodeling. They will be showing second run and old classic movies.
And here is what is left of my stove after Sunday night. BIG scare! I was in here on the computer while supper was baking. Jack went to check on it and had just pulled the casserole out when the oven made a horrible sound. Then sparks and flames shot out of the storage drawer. It scared us both half out of our wits. Jack was able to shut off the stove and grab the fire extinguisher to cool things down. Praise God the home and the 3 of us are all okay.
So we had to go stove hunting today. Checked a couple rental places and walked away. I am NOT paying 130 dollars a month for a used stove! We went to an appliance store there in Nevada, found a nice smooth top stove with self cleaning oven made by whirlpool for less than 500 dollars and it will be fully covered 100% for 4 years! They do in house financing so we will pay 35 dollars down Wednesday and 21 dollars a month until October when we will pay it off when Jack gets his retirement. So we will make due until Thursday with my crock pot and roaster. Tonight I will use the roaster and make a nice hamburger soup! Now if we could just find the handle we need for our toilet all will be well! The dumb thing broke and takes a special type of handle. Our favorite hardware store has them but someone else got the last one. Now what is the chance of two people needing a rarely used product in the same week? LOL!
And at last here is my progress on Ruth. Coming along nicely.
So that is all the news thats fit to print here in the Ozarks. Until next time God’s blessings on you all! One last thing! Took a fun quiz!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

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Some fun photos

AWWW, poor Katie! Jack folded her ears back and she looked so funny!
SHHHH! Napping hound! LOL!
This is a covered wagon at a small park on Main Street.
Here is the story of the wagon.
We had a butterfly visit us this afternoon! Isn’t he pretty? He didn’t even mind his picture being taken!
We had fog the other day and here is a cobweb with beads of moisture on it. I hate spiders but the webs can be so lovely!
A visiting woodpecker. This is the smaller of two that visit. As soon as I got out the camera the big one left! Jack says he must be shy! We also have a family of bluejays in the neighborhood.
Let me tell you those dudes like to have what I call a scream-a-thon once in awhile and it is LOUD! Jack says they are having a family meeting and hollering at one another! So I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Hometown tour

Jack and Katie are here to welcome you to our little town.
Here is our city pool where I spent a lot of summer hours as a child. They just recently redid it and added murals to the walls of the locker rooms.
Our little library. Don’t let it’s size fool you, it is excellent and our folks take great pride in it.
The Wayside Inn Museum. Lots of historical and antique items. It was still a hotel when I was living in the little white house you see to the right. That was in the late 1970’s. Every year, we have Hysterical Historic Days and it is a lot of fun.
Our post office. Still has wood floors and walls.
Looking towards downtown from the south on Main Street.
The founders of our city in the 1800’s. The Cruce mansion used to stand on the south side of the park. Sadly it burned to the ground with all the antiques that were in it. The city had wanted to buy it but the family wanted a lot more money than the city could afford.
This is the wash basin folks used before our town came into existence. Some people had come across the springs in a cow pasture and were healed of their illness after drinking the water. Soon people from all over heard about it and started coming here to drink it.
Our new city hall and community center across from the park.
Looking east to Main Street at the park.
A long walk down to the springs!

Can you tell how much iron is in that water? Fighting rust on the tubs, sinks, and toilets is an every day thing here. The water is loaded with a lot of minerals and either you love the taste or hate it. I love it and Jack hates it! We joke that the water here is so hard it will knock you down if someone throws a glass of it on you.

South of the park looking at the bandstand. Yes, we still have free concerts all summer long!
A monument to all the people from our town who did surveying work.
Katie and I next to my dad’s name, Lawrence Lane.
This house was close to being torn down in the late 1990’s after being empty and run down for many years. Someone bought it and is fixing it up. It was a house kit from Sears Roebuck and Co. in the early 1900’s. It came into El Do by train car in crates and was hauled by horse and wagon to this site. Yes, you really could buy houses out of a catalog!
Don’t you love this old Victorian? We have a lot of old homes in town.
This is our opera house which is being fully restored and will once again be a theatre. Want to learn more? Visit The Opera House and see all the goings on. All of downtown is going to be restored including antique look street lights.
This was once a ratty, run down laundry mat and look at it now!
I am very proud that our town is once again taking pride in where we live and fixing it up to be a little jewel in the Ozarks once again. Some have asked how I came to live here when I moved this past summer. Well, my family on my mom’s side have been in this area since before there was a town and my dad’s family wasn’t far behind! I left for awhile but am back to stay. We have lots to do here, wonderful places to eat, lakes all around to play at and plenty of peace, quiet and family values. Thanks for coming to visit us here, so nice to see you. Come again when you can and you will be very welcome!

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