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Well, quite by accident Jack discovered there is hardwood under the kitchen linoleum. We hope it is in good shape or at least repairable. Not only would we love hardwood in the kitchen, it would save money as one less room to tile!
I brought out my two most favorite cook books and found a different muffin recipe in the Church supper one to make. Then I tossed in my few remaining frozen berries and yum!
Sewed some on The rainbow bridge until missing floss and no extras stopped me.
Got more done on the angel. I needed a landmark for working more of the beige on the moon so I am working on her head. Can you believe her hair takes five different colors and the wreath around her head takes nine? That is about to drive me crazy. My poor pea brain gets confused with all the jumping around! LOL!
For the one who asked, yes it is cross stitch but the 18 count dark fabric does seem to make it look more like needlepoint. So there ya have all the news that is fit to print. God bless and keep you until our next visit.


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I’m back!

Jack has not worked to much on his kitty but some. So here it is.
I am back on The rainbow bridge. I did the leaves and twigs around the word rainbow and now I am doing the word bridge. Too be honest I am ready to move onto the next page. I am getting tired of the same colors. I want to do critters and other colors please.
Here is where I stand on Blue Moon Angel. I had to work on the halo, hand and all to help me with the placement of the stitching and color on the moon.
Now does anyone need a smile? I sure do. Here is Jack and Katie when I was coming to bed the other night. Who could resist taking a picture? Not me.
My birthday today this year has been bittersweet. You see about 2 weeks ago my 84 year old Great Uncle was diagnosed with liver and pancreas cancer. He made his journey to Heaven yesterday afternoon. I give glory to God for hearing my prayers that my Great Uncle not suffer and He listened. Yes, we all miss him but what a wonderful time he is having in heaven today. Would you please pray for my Great Aunt and her two boys and their families. My cousin Brent who is our pastor, is the son of my Great uncle. Thanks and God bless you all.

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Tina came over Saturday to do laundry and help decorate the tree. It also seemed to be a good day to be silly as you will see. Here we have the invisible tree man.
Next we have reindeer Tina. I think our reindeer was a bit sleepy.
And this little reindeer seems most displeased with me. Wonder why? LOL!
And look at this surprise my sweet hubby hit me with. A big box full of yarn. He knew I was nearly out of yarn and I so appreciate it.
These are the pillowcases Jack made for Tina. He has another pair that have praying hands on them.
Tina is doing great in her place. It is a very nice apartment and the staff are wonderful. Tina is a very neat housekeeper as well. We are slowly helping her learn to cook simple items too. Jack showed her how to make fresh ice tea. So there is some laughter for you and I hope happy feelings. Until next time, God bless.

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Sunday fun

I have to start off with this picture first! This is little Noah who decided he was going to go down the slide. So up he went, sippy cup in hand but then he wasn’t so sure he wanted to do it! LOL! There is grandpa Randy on the far right, Noah’s dad Nick next to him and there were several others trying to get Noah to come down! He finally did slide down! Noah’s grandpa is my cousin. We had a family dinner after church today and it was so much fun but I am plum tired now. I saw family I hadn’t seen in years, there must have been close to 40 of us all told. I worked to hard yesterday cooking and ended up really sick last night with a spell of vertigo which is not fun cause it makes you feel like you have the flu. But I was well enough to go today thank the Lord!
Here is the progress on my sampler. The house is done finally! I am working on the alphabet above it.

Got my first apron done to a week or so ago. Nothing fancy but good enough for cooking and work in the garden so I don’t get my clothes super dirty!
And here is a lovely PIF given to me by Sue. You might be able to make out all the seed beads she put on it. I have it hanging over my dining room table on the curtains. That way I can enjoy it all the time! The little book mark I am using in here for my Bible.

So I guess that is all for me for now. I need a glass of peach herb tea something awful! Have an awesome week!

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Poor Katie! Look what Jack did to her today. Made ya smile! God bless and have a great evening!

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The move!

Here is a little story mostly in pictures of our move! Poor Katie! So tired after SHE did all that packing!

Come on dad! I want to ride in the big truck. Katie was ready to get that truck back after she unloaded it!

Why do I look so grumpy? Didn’t mean to! LOL! Katie and I were pretending to drive the big truck!

Katie goes balistic at the gas station! She enjoyed the ride with dad but wanted her mommy! LOL! Fickle hound!

How can Jack still be smiling after all that moving? I think he was glad it was over. Well, at least the move was. But my word all that unpacking to do!

An exhausted katie. I think we worked her to hard but she was so glad to see her sofa. Now for a good nap.

How do you like my fancy window shirt? I haven’t had time to make a bathroom curtain yet so this will do! Anything for a little privacy and it works quite well.

We had a few glitches in our move but all in all it went well. The weather was nice and warm when we loaded but by that night it was in the 30’s and was pretty chilly unloading the next day. We had a little trouble getting the freezer and sofa in and that was frustrating. Then dish network put our hookup off for a week which frustrates poor Jack. Lastly, the landlord had to have our washer repaired today so we could do laundry. Let me tell you it was just about to become a mountain of laundry! LOL! But we are in and love our house so everything is great!

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I am in a really good mood today and I want to laugh and share a laugh with you my friends! That I will do with pictures!
First the latest litter from a friend at Hotdogblog! Is this not the cutest thing? You can see more pics here.

Next is our silly little Katie! Trying hard to give dad the “goo-goo” eyes. She does it hoping for lots of petting and lovings!

And last but not least, my thought for the day! So there! LOL!

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