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Fun in Missouri!

I just love this picture! It is too funny!

They're driving me crazy!!!!

They're driving me crazy!!!!

Good ole Missouri weather! If you don’t like it, wait a day or two and it will change! I loved the 73 degree temps and of course I was working outside barefoot!

Barefoot weather on Thursday!

Barefoot weather on Thursday!

We had snow all day Saturday and it was cold, cold, cold! Katie has her head buried and shorty is zoominf for the house!

Snowball fight weather on Saturday!

Snowball fight weather on Saturday!

We were surprised at just how bad the wood was inside the old maple. It crumbles easily in your hands.
Well, i hope you liked my little fun post. God bless and keep you all.


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Where is the redo button? Who is hiding it? LOL! We have all had one of those weeks. First we went to look at a friend for Katie Sunday afternoon. Some pics follow. The dog was NOT what we were led to believe she was so that was a bust. Then later that night we lost our hot water and put out a call for our plumber to come out Monday. Later that night we heard a loud noise but thought nothing much of it as it sounded like it was outside. Well, Monday morning we get a call from the city that one of their workers had come past the house and noticed water rushing out the front of the crawl space. So they came out and shut it off and there we were without water. The plumber came by and thought with the temps in the teens that a pipe had burst. A lot of people had frozen and broken pipes and he was swamped. Plus he could not get under the house. More about this at the end of the post. So we ended up going to a motel to spend the night just before the ice and snow hit. It was a slick ride home the next day and by mid afternoon we had water again. But Monday night I started having toothaches that at times even hurt into my ear so now I have to go and have a couple pulled. I only have 13 teeth left and they all need to go so I will do 2 or 3 at a time and soon they will be gone. I am sure I will feel so much better. Anyway on to the pics and I must find that redo button!

Let me at them geeses mom!


Look at the drumstick on that chicken mom!


I ain’t never seen anything like that!  So after that silliness some stitching!


Jack’s latest project.  This is a kit he looked for a very long time.  Finally he found the last one Hobby Lobby had since it had been discontinued.


I am happy to say I am getting back into my stitching.  Inching along  on the Ruth project.  With all that has been going on I just really lost the desire to do any of my hobbies.

0111Here they come to dig out so they can get under the house.  The way it was done was impossible for any but the smallest person to get under there.  With us sitting on a light incline, the way the house was built and all, they had to dig down and put a basement window well thing.  A very small one I might add.  And with the temps, and the ice they could not dig by hand.  They will come back next week to put a bigger basement window well in and fill it all in nicely.  So see ya soon.  God bless.

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Tina came over Saturday to do laundry and help decorate the tree. It also seemed to be a good day to be silly as you will see. Here we have the invisible tree man.
Next we have reindeer Tina. I think our reindeer was a bit sleepy.
And this little reindeer seems most displeased with me. Wonder why? LOL!
And look at this surprise my sweet hubby hit me with. A big box full of yarn. He knew I was nearly out of yarn and I so appreciate it.
These are the pillowcases Jack made for Tina. He has another pair that have praying hands on them.
Tina is doing great in her place. It is a very nice apartment and the staff are wonderful. Tina is a very neat housekeeper as well. We are slowly helping her learn to cook simple items too. Jack showed her how to make fresh ice tea. So there is some laughter for you and I hope happy feelings. Until next time, God bless.

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I have gathered some seeds from my morning glories. If you would like a few just e mail me at doxiemom96@yahoo.com. I will be happy to send some your way with instructions and other pertinent info. They will look like the morning glory in the picture below.

Thought you would like to see what the finished kitchen cabinets look like. Also you can see the white we chose for trim and doors. It is a nice crisp white with grey undertones. Just the kind of white we like!
Now we are working on the second bedroom that we use for our computer and hobby room. The walls will be the same green as in the hall. I am afraid it doesn’t show up real well. I love the color but when it is wet and you are painting with it it is not real pretty! It looks more like a chartreuse and almost hurts your eyes to work with. But once it dries it is a very soft and nice green.
Is this not funny? I made breakfast for supper the other night and one of the yolks broke. When I plated it up it looked to me like the eggs where sticking out it’s tongue! So I added ketchup nose and eyes! LOL!
Okay finally I will show you our stitching. I have been working on the moon and the rows of blue seem to be one hundred miles long! But it beats doing one stitching and tieing off! That I hate!
Jack is working on the large center rose on his quilt squares. I like the green he picked out to go with the yellow. I can not wait to make pillows out of them!

So be blessed and i send you loving huggles!

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Man but it has been cold here! The last few nights it has gotten into the single digits and teens with the brisk winds putting the wind chill at 0 or a bit lower! Katie’s nose has been out of joint because that has meant no long walks twice a day. The best she got was the vacant lot next to our neighbor for a bit of mole hunting and a chance to do her chores. She was a happy camper today to get a proper long stroll. Sunday they promise temps in the upper 60’s and maybe even a rumble of thunder with the rain! Gotta love that Missouri weather! Anyway, I keep plenty of high protein suet out for the birds. Along with dollops of bird seed in the crook of our big ole tree out back along with piles of it on the ground. I take the nearly eaten up pieces of suet out and put it in the crook of the tree for the squirrels to enjoy. This is pictures of our little visitors today.
Poor little birds were mighty cold. They ate their fill and soaked up some sun.
Didn’t take this guy long to find the suet!
Joined by a buddy dining on seeds. I could spend hours at the back door or kitchen window watching my wild babies. They are only a few feet away and so enjoyable!
Here is the latest on Jack’s snow folks. They just keep getting cuter! So enjoy your day my friends until next time! God bless!

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Have a laugh-at me

Okay, so I learned a very important lesson this weekend. Do NOT trim bangs whilst you are nervous and/or anxious! Get the picture? I was doing pretty good with it and was halfway done when I ended up cutting a big ole notch in them! Well, shoot! Okay, no problem they will just be a little shorter than usual so here I go again and you guessed it, another boo-boo. Now my bangs are VERY short but the third time was the charm. I look like a cockatiel! Right there in the middle my poor short bangs are standing mostly at attention. Hubby thinks I am right in style! I only hope while waiting for them to grow back out that I don’t get the urge for bird seed or attempt to sit on a perch. LOL! So write this down in my book of life lessons!
Let’s have a little more fun! I got this from Lucy

You Are a Turkey Sandwich

Conservative and a bit shy, you tend to stick with what you know and trust.

You are very introverted, and you prefer to blend in whenever possible.

Though you may be hard to know well, anyone who does know you considers you a true friend.

Your best friend: The Ham Sandwich

Your mortal enemy: The Tuna Fish Sandwich

What Kind of Sandwich Are You?
Like I would have any mortal enemies!

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Gunn Park

Here are a few photos of Gunn Park here in Fort Scott. It is a HUGE park created in the early 1900’s. There are lots of little cabins folks can rent for get togethers, two small lakes, a river, paddleboats, playgrounds and lots of places to walk and enjoy.

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