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Ugh, thanks and a drive

Let me start by saying I am not responsible for how this post turns out! LOL! I have been feeling mighty punk since Friday evening and I still do not feel well but I do feel better!
Also thanks for the prayers, good thoughts and kind words about my brother. He came home Saturday afternoon and is doing okay. He does have nitro on hand in case he has more chest pains and still no word on why he was having them.
So on now to a fun drive Jack and Katie and I took on the first Sunday of the month. We first went to a little town north and east of here called Roscoe. There are only about 112 souls still there. Very pretty area near Truman Lake.  The last 2 pictures are taken near Roscoe.

Now here is the cute story.  We headed back towards El Do and decided to just pick a road at random to venture down.  Something we love to do.  It started out paved and soon turned into dirt.  It was very evident that few people traveled it and there were very few houses.  It was a gorgeous drive with lots of hills and curves and hollows and woods.  My kind of drive!  Then we came across a pasture full of cattle and this little guy.  He had not been near the fence as we came down the road.  But as we approached he ran toward the fence and was trying to keep up with the car.  Well, me being me I wanted to see what would happen if I pulled to the side and stopped.  All the other cattle stayed away but this fella was just looking at us and the car as if we were having quite a nice visit.  He stayed there until mom got to far and Jack clicked the camera and he was off!  It was funny as he ran kicking his heels up and enjoying the game.  Perfect way to end a ride and we laughed about our calf visit all the way home.


Be blessed everyone and I will see you soon with Katie pics and cross stitch updates.


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I am really going along very good on my Ruth project.  I just have some cross stitches I missed, plenty of backstitching and the border.

I like this picture. It is the sun shining through the lace curtains in the computer/hobby room and leaving this pattern on the wall.

While we were getting groceries in Nevada last week we came across 3 amish buggies. We missed getting pictures of the first one because I left my camera in my purse and the buggy was gone by the time Jack got it out. The second we missed because they came behind the car while I was waiting on Jack as he took care of some business. That one was 2 amish teen age boys and they were clipping it off at a pretty good pace through the square. But as we went to do our last errand we came across this one as the lady waited for her husband. You don’t often see amish in town as the nearby population is quite small.

Taken in Nevada MO

Taken in Nevada MO

So have a blessed fall week. It is surely looking and feeling very fall like here.

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Sunday trip!

Jack and I drove out and I mean WAY out in the country to visit a historic Osage Native American village site. It was a great outing but the walk up that hill about did these old birds in! LOL! Katie loved every minute of it and was very busy chasing grasshoppers. I managed to find a blackberry bramble with my arm. Ouch! I do think it jumped out at me! I hope you enjoy the little tour!

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With it getting colder I thought I better make myself a nice warm hat! this one was so quick I did it in one day and it was easy. i love the ear flaps for those chilly winter walks!
Been crocheting some little bitty hearts. They don’t take long to do. Then I took some jiffy yarn by lion brand, threaded it through and tied a bow. All it needs now is a string to hang it with! I plan to use them on a new Christmas wreath along with a cross stitch angel and some crochet snowflakes along with other stuff.
This is one of those pieces that even though you did something that didn’t quite turn out right you still love it. I did this back in the early 90’s. I realized once I was done the alphabet and letters were way to light against the fabric but I decided to just leave it and put it in the hoop.

So that is my Sunday except for a funny story on Katie. Our girl had quite a nice time while we were at church. She got into her food and had a little brunch while we were gone. You should see her tummy! It is bulging and gurgly. I only hope we don’t end up having a CODE BROWN situation if you know what I mean! No snacks or supper for her! She has never done that before and she won’t get a chance to again either I tell you!

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Some fun photos

AWWW, poor Katie! Jack folded her ears back and she looked so funny!
SHHHH! Napping hound! LOL!
This is a covered wagon at a small park on Main Street.
Here is the story of the wagon.
We had a butterfly visit us this afternoon! Isn’t he pretty? He didn’t even mind his picture being taken!
We had fog the other day and here is a cobweb with beads of moisture on it. I hate spiders but the webs can be so lovely!
A visiting woodpecker. This is the smaller of two that visit. As soon as I got out the camera the big one left! Jack says he must be shy! We also have a family of bluejays in the neighborhood.
Let me tell you those dudes like to have what I call a scream-a-thon once in awhile and it is LOUD! Jack says they are having a family meeting and hollering at one another! So I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Hometown tour

Jack and Katie are here to welcome you to our little town.
Here is our city pool where I spent a lot of summer hours as a child. They just recently redid it and added murals to the walls of the locker rooms.
Our little library. Don’t let it’s size fool you, it is excellent and our folks take great pride in it.
The Wayside Inn Museum. Lots of historical and antique items. It was still a hotel when I was living in the little white house you see to the right. That was in the late 1970’s. Every year, we have Hysterical Historic Days and it is a lot of fun.
Our post office. Still has wood floors and walls.
Looking towards downtown from the south on Main Street.
The founders of our city in the 1800’s. The Cruce mansion used to stand on the south side of the park. Sadly it burned to the ground with all the antiques that were in it. The city had wanted to buy it but the family wanted a lot more money than the city could afford.
This is the wash basin folks used before our town came into existence. Some people had come across the springs in a cow pasture and were healed of their illness after drinking the water. Soon people from all over heard about it and started coming here to drink it.
Our new city hall and community center across from the park.
Looking east to Main Street at the park.
A long walk down to the springs!

Can you tell how much iron is in that water? Fighting rust on the tubs, sinks, and toilets is an every day thing here. The water is loaded with a lot of minerals and either you love the taste or hate it. I love it and Jack hates it! We joke that the water here is so hard it will knock you down if someone throws a glass of it on you.

South of the park looking at the bandstand. Yes, we still have free concerts all summer long!
A monument to all the people from our town who did surveying work.
Katie and I next to my dad’s name, Lawrence Lane.
This house was close to being torn down in the late 1990’s after being empty and run down for many years. Someone bought it and is fixing it up. It was a house kit from Sears Roebuck and Co. in the early 1900’s. It came into El Do by train car in crates and was hauled by horse and wagon to this site. Yes, you really could buy houses out of a catalog!
Don’t you love this old Victorian? We have a lot of old homes in town.
This is our opera house which is being fully restored and will once again be a theatre. Want to learn more? Visit The Opera House and see all the goings on. All of downtown is going to be restored including antique look street lights.
This was once a ratty, run down laundry mat and look at it now!
I am very proud that our town is once again taking pride in where we live and fixing it up to be a little jewel in the Ozarks once again. Some have asked how I came to live here when I moved this past summer. Well, my family on my mom’s side have been in this area since before there was a town and my dad’s family wasn’t far behind! I left for awhile but am back to stay. We have lots to do here, wonderful places to eat, lakes all around to play at and plenty of peace, quiet and family values. Thanks for coming to visit us here, so nice to see you. Come again when you can and you will be very welcome!

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I want you to meet a very lovely family! This is the Burrell family! Here is Dad having a bit of fun with his daughters
Here is the whole family. Dad Paul and mom Angela and the girls. They have the most awesome website full of recipes, sewing tips, stories, pictures and just tons of other stuff. They also explain their journey to living a plain and simple life. Whether or not you agree with their manner of dress and living, you owe it to your self to visit them at Sheperd’s Hill. You won’t be disappointed. They are a loving Christian family. I haven’t known them long, but I already feel they are friends.
Now I want you to meet a little fella we met this past week. We had to go over to a bigger town west of us to do some banking and other errands. Here was this little guy half asleep, waiting for his family!
Yes, I have been cross stitching. Sorry the photo is blurry but my house is nearly done. I would have taken another, better picture but I am down in my hips and back today so this is as good as it gets! LOL! I just need to do the fence, backstitch and it is on to other areas.
Remember all the progress I was making on my Ruth 1:16 piece? Ha, ha, some progress!!!!! I have to tear out a lot, and I do mean a LOT of my stitching and redo it. I messed up BIG time so it isn’t lining up right. I put it aside for now and will deal with it later! So that is enough for me for today. See you soon!

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