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Well, quite by accident Jack discovered there is hardwood under the kitchen linoleum. We hope it is in good shape or at least repairable. Not only would we love hardwood in the kitchen, it would save money as one less room to tile!
I brought out my two most favorite cook books and found a different muffin recipe in the Church supper one to make. Then I tossed in my few remaining frozen berries and yum!
Sewed some on The rainbow bridge until missing floss and no extras stopped me.
Got more done on the angel. I needed a landmark for working more of the beige on the moon so I am working on her head. Can you believe her hair takes five different colors and the wreath around her head takes nine? That is about to drive me crazy. My poor pea brain gets confused with all the jumping around! LOL!
For the one who asked, yes it is cross stitch but the 18 count dark fabric does seem to make it look more like needlepoint. So there ya have all the news that is fit to print. God bless and keep you until our next visit.


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Here I am!

I was going good on my stitching until the bulb in my lamp conked out only leaving the lowest setting. So no more stitching for me until I get a new one Wednesday. Poor me! LOL!
Jack is doing some pillowcases. Love the purple flowers! He is still working on quilt squares as well.
Well we are not done with this room yet. Jack bought a couple new outlets for it and rocker style light switch. He ended up using one of the outlets in the kitchen and bought another to replace it. Well, he installed the one for the computer but seems the other outlet ran away from home. We have torn this place up trying to find it. So after Wednesday we will be able to finish up in here. I just wanted to give you a sneak peek. A messy computer desk.
Here is the south wall. Yep that is Jack and I in a picture taken in the late 1980’s.
This is what a rocker style light switch looks like. Great for folks like me with nerve damage and weakness in the hands. They are so easy to turn on and off and don’t hurt me to use like regular switches.

So that is what is going on with us. We are also anticipating a big cool down and much needed rain. In the last 2 weeks we have only gotten one day with rain and not very much then. Also please pray for my Uncle Pat’s kids. Uncle Pat was my uncle by marriage and he passed away at the age of 86 yesterday. My cousin Dale is who I worry about. He is 6 months older than me and has had Muscular Dystrophy since we were in the 3rd grade. They thought he would not live into adulthood and he will be 50 in January. He and Uncle Pat were at the nursing home here together. When Uncle Pat became to frail to live at home and continue to care for Dale they both had to move. Thanks and god bless.

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Little Update

I am going to be absent from posting any meaningful blogs for a couple days. Jack and I have been trying hard to finish up the second bedroom or den as we call it. Everything is painted except for a bit of the trim around the closet and main door. The inside of the closet needs painted but that will take some time as it needs a lot of work to get it ready. And poor Jack with the pain he has in his feet can not do much and not everyday either. He does good doing as much as he does do. We need now to give everything a good cleaning, new outlets and switches in a nice white color, hang curtains and pictures and place furniture. So I will see you all this weekend with all the news that is fit to print. LOL!

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I have gathered some seeds from my morning glories. If you would like a few just e mail me at doxiemom96@yahoo.com. I will be happy to send some your way with instructions and other pertinent info. They will look like the morning glory in the picture below.

Thought you would like to see what the finished kitchen cabinets look like. Also you can see the white we chose for trim and doors. It is a nice crisp white with grey undertones. Just the kind of white we like!
Now we are working on the second bedroom that we use for our computer and hobby room. The walls will be the same green as in the hall. I am afraid it doesn’t show up real well. I love the color but when it is wet and you are painting with it it is not real pretty! It looks more like a chartreuse and almost hurts your eyes to work with. But once it dries it is a very soft and nice green.
Is this not funny? I made breakfast for supper the other night and one of the yolks broke. When I plated it up it looked to me like the eggs where sticking out it’s tongue! So I added ketchup nose and eyes! LOL!
Okay finally I will show you our stitching. I have been working on the moon and the rows of blue seem to be one hundred miles long! But it beats doing one stitching and tieing off! That I hate!
Jack is working on the large center rose on his quilt squares. I like the green he picked out to go with the yellow. I can not wait to make pillows out of them!

So be blessed and i send you loving huggles!

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Let me start by saying this. Thank God for a loving husband! He cared enough to ask a pharmacist what he recommended for my problem. I would have just gotten what I always get! But the stuff he got had pain reliever and anti-bacterial med in it. It seems to be doing the trick, my fever broke last night and I feel much better although not yet well. Perhaps I won’t need the doctor after all!
So anyway here is my hallway. Or at least the best pic I could get of it. It is really dark in there and no light of any kind! What were they thinking? We still need to get paint to do the trim.
Here is Jack working in the kitchen. He always does the high up stuff and I do lower down.
My poor kitchen! LOL! It has needed a lot more repair than we thought it would so that has really slowed things down! The hinges on the cabinet doors are shot and all the drawers need repair.
This is the sleet we got yesterday. This was in the morning and we got about an inch all told. This morning we woke up to a dusting of snow over it. School was canceled yesterday and today and it is very treacherous out there. We are afraid to even try and leave with our driveway being on a hill. So we will stay right here. Sunday they say it will be in the 50’s. Gotta love that wacky Missouri weather!
And lastly, Jack’s finished towel. Cute! I love it. One more to finish and then he wants to do another wall quilt.
Okay, I am done tuckered. I am gonna read a couple more blogs then go camp on the sofa. thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.

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Jack and I have managed a bit of sewing. I put together a row of my next afghan just to see what it will look like. now I need to do some more squares to do the next row.
Here is the Ruth project. I am working on the dark blue silhouette of the man and some of the clouds too.
Here is Jack’s snowfolks! Not a whole lot of cross stitching left for him to do! He has some specialty things to do when all the stitching is finished.
Now, I wanted to share the colors we are painting the walls. Caramel for the kitchen and living room walls.
A nice green called guacamole for the hall and our bedroom.
And a soft yellow for the laundry room, kitchen cabinets and the computer/hobby room. Eventually we will paint the wood trim a nice crisp white. That will be nice I think.
We also took time Friday since I was feeling very brave, to go down to Springfield and hours drive away. We visited some friends at the pharmacy they own. Katie got lots of loving and plenty of biscuits too. then we went to a place called Andy’s. They serve frozen custard and we got our favorite which is called a snowmonster. It is vanilla custard with lots of strawberries and some chocolate swirled through. Yumm!!!! Then on to petsmart for Katie shampoo. She even picked out her own toy but more about that on Thursday! So God bless all until next time!

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After reading a post from my friend Vanessa with a bread pudding recipe in it, I was hungry for bread pudding! LOL! So I decided to make one and I thought I would try the recipe she shared only I made a few minor changes!
Here is the recipe.

Brenda’s Bread Pudding

4 Cup milk

1/4 cup melted butter

4 eggs

1 Tablespoon Vanilla

2 Cups sugar

12 slices of bread, torn into pieces

1/3 Cup sugar

1/2 pint Whipping Cream

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix the first 6 ingredients in a large bowl and allow to soak for 10 minutes. Poar into a 2 qt (not sure about size but this sounds about right) buttered baking dish and bake at 350 F for 1 hour. Remove from oven and sprinkle 1/3 cup sugar all over the top of hot pudding and pour whipping cream over the sugar. Return to oven and bake at 425 degrees F until top becomes golden brown.

The changes I made were to add raisins and decrease the sugar to 1 cup since raisins are so sweet. And instead of whipping cream, I used evaporated skim milk because my tummy just can not handle a lot of fat. It is so yummy! Give it a try!

Well, now that all that living room carpet is up, and the furniture rearranged, we were able to bring my Dad’s antique waterfall vanity in the house. I am so glad to have it near by once again! I put Grams jewelery box and her hair brush on there. Jack’s grandmother’s rosary is there and a pretty velvet box containing my mom’s watch. Also a picture of Grams and her daughter, My Aunt Gin and Uncle Don. The bear in the red dress belongs to our neice and was given to her by her late Grandmother. With Tina in a state facility, Jack and I have most of the handmade things her grandmother here with us where they are safe.
So other than all of us trying to stay warm in the cold weather. That is what we have been up to. One last thing I would ask of you. Please pray for us as tomorrow we have a home going for a family member. His name was Lester “Babe” Bland age 93. He was a precious sweet man, always smiling despite having to go to the care home and having to start using a wheelchair. When ever we visited Grams at the care home and saw Babe, he had that smile going! I really cared for him! He has 3 children, Gaylen, Randy and Carla. His wife Minnie left us in 1994 or 1995 not for sure which so they are together again. When we went to see Babe at the funeral home, he still had that sweet, precious smile on his face. My prayer for all of you is this. Should you have a home going, may you be able to smile because you know you are going to Heaven to meet the Savior and your loved ones who are there. That is my earnest desire for you all. God bless you until next time!

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