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I am plugging along on this and have the moon and surrounding areas done and I am now working on the veggies on that same side on the bottom.
Jack is a very sneaky fellow! We went to Ehler’s for a couple things. Well instead of going home we ended up at my favorite greenhouse. He told me to pick out some flowers for my remaining pots as an anniversary present to me. What a guy! He picked out a couple petunias which we both love. I got an ornamental pepper plant and I can not remember what the other two are. But I really like them.
The next two pics are at the state capital by the grand staircase. Those are brass bears our hands are on.


So that is all for now.  I will be visiting with you soon.  God bless.


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Jefferson city part 1

Finally I am ready to start sharing pictures of our capital here in Missouri. Many folks call it an art museum that houses the government. When the building was finished in 1918 they had a million dollars left over. That was a very large sum then and they went all over the world buying art to put in the capital.
Here is the main entrance of the capital. Behind Jefferson there and the pillars are bronze doors each measuring 18 feet high and 13 feet wide. Impressive to look at!
This is the area where the dome is. It is about 238 feet to the top. Made me dizzy looking up at it but it is beautiful.
Here is a little peek at it for you guys. You can’t see it too good but there is lovely paintings up there.
A little of the art work around the lower area of the dome. The paintings are done on canvas representing soil, air, water and I believe fire. The artist sent his assistant over with the canvases and never saw them in their place.
Some of the artifacts in the museum.
This is a three wheel contraption you use your arms to make it go. It is a funny looking thing.
An instrument crossed between a zither and an autoharp.
The last two are a tribute to the black community in our state.

So I hope you enjoyed the first visit. There is more to come! God bless and huggles.

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Well, Jack, Katie and I went to our state capital for a 3 day get away. Jack had never been to a state capital and it has been a long time for me. We returned home Sunday and we both have been just worn out. I will have pics and tell you more soon.
Now onto a project. Do you remember the “secret” project I was working on for a friend? Well she has received it so I can share it with you. It is a the free pattern I told you about from my friend. It was a fun stitch and I am just tickled that Mickey and Susan like it. Nothing gives me more pleasure than giving something to someone to brighten their day.
Picture 550

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Sunday afternoon drive

I have told Jack about a little town of just over 1300 souls called Rich Hill. so named becasue of the rich coal deposits just under the surface. Sadly the area was strip mined and the earth left scarred. The area was a popular swimming spot in the 1970’s when I was a child. So off the 3 of us went. Sadly, the town is declining, most homes are uncared for, abandoned or for sale. Only a few are loved and look nice. The towns business district looks just as bad. Many buildings are gone lost to neglect. A couple weeks ago we had some winday days with one day having winds around 50 to 60 mile an hour. These buildings were so neglected that wind managed to knock one wall down which caused a domino effect taking out 3 buildings.

0031We did find this gorgeous victorian there though.  I can only imagine what it was like when it was new!  So then home we go the back way through Appleton City not far from El Dorado Springs.  Same size as Rich Hill but vastly different.  Well cared for and plenty of community pride.

007We stopped to poke around the old train depot.

004Katie really enjoyed herself!

005I really like this old caboose and you can even look in one of the windows to see inside!  Fun!

011This is the old hospital across from the depot.  I believe it is now a private residence.  It appeared to be so anyway but not sure.  So there was our little trip!  See you tomorrow with a post from Katie.  God bless

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We are home and had a great time! It was just what we needed.  We visited our friends at their pharmacy.  Here is George the owner laughing at Katie.  She was eating a doggie cookie with her butt in the air.
Here is George and Sue’s daughter Jennifer. She and Katie are best buddies.
A little quality time with Sue. Feels good!  Katie always barks and stands on her hind legs looking out the drive up window everytime someone arrives.  She acts like she owns the place.  The owners doxies used to be there all the time until an inspector forced them to leave them at home.  What a rip off!
This is our very nice room! It was wonderful and so was everyone who worked there including the owners who are good Christian people. You are checked on a couple times a day to make sure you have all you need and all is well. They have plenty of time to talk to you and lots of smiles as well. It was more like staying with family. Katie even got a special bag filled with goodies and they have a nice grassy area to walk your dog with poo bags provided!
Now for some of the fabrics Jack has been buying me and some patterns to. I am down to 4 outfits and of those four two are in tough shape, one is not the proper size and the other is just getting very old and worn out.  These Jack bought for me at Ehlers here in town.
These are reproductions of 1800’s fabrics I bought at a place called FM Store in Springfield. I really enjoy all the fabrics. The dark blue with wheat is a reproduction of a fabric produced in 1860. The other was produced from 1830 to 1870.
The blue calico I got here at Ehlers and the other I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby.
These are the patterns I bought. I got them from Kathy at Common Sense Patterns Nice looking pull on style dresses easy enough for me to do. She prints them on really good, heavy paper as well and the instructions are easy to understand. I have been sewing for a number of years but I am self taught and never learned to do complicated patterns. I prefer simple styling anyway and easy to put together.
Lastly, here are Craig and Becky Chandler and their dogs. They not only own the place they work their too. Unlike many motel owners and they are such warm, loving and caring people. They are such a joy to talk with as well and the dogs are adorable. Katie and Buddy were flirting. Funny!

So that is most of our trip.  I hope you enjoyed everything.  God bless!

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Hill House Chateauesque-1887
Baker House Victorian 1880’s
No info on this one but it is amazing!
Rose house Queen Anne/Colonial Revival blend-1899
Tower House Italianate-1880
Davey House Queen Anne-1900’s
W. Mitchell house Italianate 1881
Ketchum house Georgian Revival 1901
Leggett House 1901
Phelps House 1895
N. Luke house Georgian Revival-1900
Spencer House Italianate 1870

Porch of the Irwin House Queen Anne
So there are some of the homes in Carthage. I decided to wait until next time for Marlin Perkins home. I will explain in the last Carthage post why you don’t see older homes and a very few last pics. In between then i will post a stitchy post. Huggles and blessings!

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Jack and Katie being silly!

This is Katie and I at the Alice in Wonderland statue by the library in Carthage
Here is Jack and I cut poor Katie off! LOL!
A wonderful old barn behind our motel. I can imagine when it was new what an awesome barn it was!
Roses at our favorite chinese restaurant in Joplin. Joplin is only about 10 miles from Carthage.
And water lillies too!

This is the Carthage courthouse. They say only the arch in St. Louis is photographed more in the state. Let me tell you it is huge and impressive. There is a great mural inside and an antique, working elevator! We didn’t have a chance to go inside.

Giant praying hands in Webb City which is on the way to Joplin. They are huge!

Look at little Miss Bug sporting her new halter and a toy she picked out all by herself!
So that is the first part of the pictures. Next time I will share some pictures of some glorious homes including Marlin Perkins birthplace! Plenty more to come and a little history lesson to and something funny that happened.

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