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Duck in a truck

Here is a link to an adorable video!

Frankie the duck


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We had some bulbs come up along the driveway and they started blooming this past week. It is good to see and the trees are leafing out too. Yippee! it hit 75 degrees today and was most pleasant.
Here is Jack’s quilt progress. It is quite a bit of work but is looking good.
I am doing this for some friends of ours. I wish the sparklies in the fabric showed up.
And my Ruth project is coming along too.

Here is a video of a song I just love! I just cry and praise the Lord when I hear it. of course I have to sing along!

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We went out to the Schell-Osage Conservation area this afternoon. It is just a short drive from here. All kinds of water birds rest there on their way to their winter homes. If you get lucky you can even see eagles there sometimes. Not today though.
Do you see the white just above the green of the grass? That is thousands of geese in the water. I do wish I had a camera that took better far away pictures!
Just lots of calm, peaceful water here.
Just below the dark of the trees in the background are again hundreds maybe thousands of water birds.
Isn’t this peaceful and lovely? Oh it was so crisp, quiet and serene out there today. Just the peace and joy of God’s nature.

I leave you with a last picture of peace and serenity. May your heart and mind be as peaceful as this picture and if not, may you find a peaceful place in your heart.
I leave you with this video. You can’t really see the birds very good. But above me crunching in the gravel and the sound of the wind listen carefully. You can hear the geese calling.

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What a wonderful world

I thought you might enjoy this! You might want to pause the sonific thing in the sidebar to enjoy it!

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Because He lives

I go this from another blogger. I know she won’t mind if I use it. You can visit her here—
Apples of gold

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The Rapture

I got this from another blog. It really makes you think!

Video: Rapture Video

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See this afghan? Looks okay doesn’t it? Well, it is 27 years old and has been very well used. It is stretched out in places and there are areas where the yarn has broken. I fair to say it will one day be shot! It is large enough that it covers our queen size bed and we use it in place of a blanket.
So I have decided it is time for a new one. I am making squares this time. Here they are. It looks like a complicated stitch but is actually very easy to do. Might take me a bit to get them all made because I can’t crochet for long periods anymore with out suffering a lot of hand pain!
And here is a fresh update of the quilt Jack is doing. Most likely it will go to Newborns In Need when it is finished. I like the little plaid green dog next to the bear!
I just got my PIF from Sue today! I don’t have a picture yet but I wanted to share my good news. It is a cute bookmark and a boucle that she made! I am so blessed! And I got a British cross stitch magazine from another friend named Sandy. Oh wonderful Saturday!
What’s that!?!?!?!? Katie heard her dad coming home from the grocery store.

Here is a video of Katie hunting a grasshopper Thursday! Enjoy!

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