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Well the chunk of moon that gave me such fits and seemed to take forever is done! Happy dance!!! I am now working on the ribbons above her head and the little bit of moon up there.
Jack’s kitty progress. Despite another painful flair up in a foot, he has managed to feel like sewing quite a bit. I can hardly wait for him to finish it!
Okay, I am itching to do another Lavender and Lace angel and this is the one I would like to do. It is “The angel of Autumn” I just need to work out what colors I can use blended to replace the two specialty threads called for. That stuff is to expensive for me to want to buy.
And here are some tips for living with a smaller bathroom.  Jack and I feel it is the perfect size but if you are not careful you can overcrowd a bathroom of this size and it feels a lot smaller.  We keep our hamper for the dirty terry in the linen closet just across the hall for one thing.  Toilet paper, washclothes and handtowels are kept here above the toilet next to the sink.

Instead of a large towel bar which would make the room look smaller and jut out into the room,  I do this.  I have two shower curtain rods.  One for the curtain and one for a couple bath towels and my decorative curtains.  It is nice to have the towels right there when done with the shower and they are not at all in the way.


First let me apologize for the way the wall looks  in the background.  The tiles were so poorly attached to the wall that it is obvious when they were doing some repairs behind the toilet they became loose.  Well when we moved in the first time I went to clean them they started falling off!  We plan to replace the tile with bead board anyway.  So anyway I found this metal basket on sale and I keep those things you need at the sink in it.  It keeps that area from being overwhelmed and it is quite handy on top of the toilet.  Some of this will go into the medicine cabinet as soon as we own a medicine cabinet to put up there.  LOL!  All in good time.  One last tip that may sound funny at first.  I bring my cleaning cloth and keep an inexpensive shampoo in the shower  When I finish showering and before turning off the water, I completely wipe down the whole thing with the shampoo and cloth.  Keeps it nice in between a good scrubbing.  I also wipe down the sink area and then the floor lastly.  Now you will really think I have lost it.  Never mind that I never had it!  We have a fiberglass tub surround and I keep a coat of paste car wax on it.  Not the tub mind you for safety reasons, only the surround on the wall.  It keeps it looking nice and stops the soap scum from being a huge issue.  I even keep my toaster waxed!  Since it is next to the sink and the area where I mix up things, it can get really dirty and the wax makes it look good and clean up easy.


So there ya go.  Hope you enjoyed our little visit.  god bless and keep you until next time.


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