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Hello, my name is Shorty and I am a 5 year old standard doxie. I now live with Katie at her house. See the nice lady in the picture with me? That is Bev and she called my new mom and dad Thursday and told them all about me. See Bev lives about an hour away and she has a friend that manages the pound there and that is where I was. Anyway, she came that day because it had been a long time since she was able too. She has been very ill.  She found out I was on the list to be put to sleep because no one had come to adopt me.  I don’t understand why because I have very good manners. I love to cuddle, and I sing too!  So Bev called and told them all about me and they said I could come live here!
Here I am sitting with Dad in his chair. It is so comfy!
Katie and I love to bark when people walk by!



I like to beg for everything yummy!

Yes, life is good and I am so happy here too.  I got to go to Springfield yesterday and met some real nice people who gave me a lot of love and cookies too!  Then we went for frozen custard and Katie and I got some!  It was good and I ate mine very quickly!

Please remember if you get a pet to think about those of us in pounds and rescue groups. We make great companions and you just might save a life.


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